Reasons to losing your online customers

3 Reasons Your Online Business is Losing Customers

When you manage an online business, it’s hard to create a good relationship with your customers. This is more difficult for ecommerce store owners because they don’t have the ability to meet face to face with their clients and improve trust within a bond that is done through quality customer service. Fortunately, online businesses can still succeed without the seemingly necessary face-to-face contact.

If your business is losing customers, you may have three problem areas that should be adjusted immediately.

Poor Website Design

It doesn’t always seem that way to you, but designing a website poorly has more of an impact on your customers that you may have ever imagined. A poorly designed website doesn’t mean your page is bad or completely inaccessible, it just means that your customers are having problems with aspects of your site that make them hesitant to want to ever return.

If you have loyal customers, don’t hesitate to ask what they would change about your site. Maybe there is too much content, the pages are hard to find, or there is too much work in checking out. Remember that customers like an easy shopping experience. With the help of a DIY eCommerce website builder, you can generally create a website that is not only manageable but easy to use.

You’re Too Pushy

While you may not be able to speak with customers face to face, customers can still see past some of the pushy sales tactics you have. For example, if you’re going to push out a last minute offer to your customers as they’re checking out, make sure the offer is worth it to them – such as offering a discounted price or a free item with purchase.

Another reason that customers wind up abandoning their carts is forcing registration. Not all customers want to sign up with their emails or create an account with your page. Consider this as a potential option for them, but not a necessary one to continue the checkout process.

Poor Photos

Quality photos are what are going to sell your products, along with a brief description of each item. Your customers cannot pick the items up and examine them, so they have to rely on what the photos display. If the photos on your website don’t show every angle, someone modeling or any other important details, chances are you are going to lose business. Remember that adding a few extra photos to each product only takes a few extra minutes and can make a world of difference in sales.

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