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Diagnosing Website Issues

Your site is up, you’ve got a great promotion going and your SEO efforts are bringing in plenty of traffic. Yet the sales aren’t happening, and not only that, but complaints about your site are rolling in. What do you do? Well first, don’t ignore those complaints! You should have a dedicated email address set up to accept website feedback and be responsive to it. This goes a long away toward soothing angry and frustrated customers.

The most common complaint about websites is slow loading. This could be due to several factors. A big one is photos that are too large. You want clear, high def photos on your site but try to compress them to avoid large file sizes, which will take longer to load. Your web host should be able to tell you how to optimize your website to insure it loads as fast as possible. Another thing that causes slow loading is a lack of bandwidth. Make sure your hosting plan includes as much as possible. This may require purchasing a dedicated server plan rather than a shared one. Slow loading can also be caused by server problems beyond your control, so it’s important to have a web host that is very responsive and has a good reputation.

Another common website complaint is videos. Videos themselves are not bad things, and they can add a lot to a site if they are well done. The problem comes when they are set to auto play-especially if they force ads before the content. Almost no one likes auto play videos. Those that like to shop in the wee hours or on their breaks at work do not appreciate a video suddenly blasting at them, and those that shop from their mobile devices do not appreciate their monthly data allowance being drained by auto play videos. So set them to off by default and let visitors decided whether to watch them or not.

Finally, shopping carts are a big source of website complaints. If you don’t have a good one. Your site’s cart shouldn’t dump their contents-many shoppers leave to do other things and then come back later to buy-and when they find their cart is now empty, will get angry and go elsewhere. Make sure it’s easy to view and edit as well, and that information like shipping rates and tax can be calculated through it. Don’t ever force shoppers to go through nearly the entire checkout process including entering their payment info before letting them see those fees. You’ll have happier customers that will come back again and again.

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