really need a landing page

Do You Really Need a Landing Page?

Creating a website that gives your customers an enjoyable shopping experience from the comfort of their own home is crucial to your company’s success. It’s extremely important to make things as easy as possible so that your current customers continue returning for whatever it is they need. Unfortunately, creating an easy-to-use website isn’t going to be the only thing that hooks new customers in. Getting potential customers to actually make a purchase or sign up for newsletters and emails isn’t always as easy as having a nice web page.

Companies like Seek-visibility can help you create a successful landing page, which can be exactly what you need to keep current customers satisfied and potential customers returning until they make a purchase.

Offer Something They Need

Putting an incentive or a sign-up link on the homepage to your website might be a convenient way for you to throw the option out there, but many potential customers may pass this by. Sometimes it’s not only difficult to locate where the signups are on a page, but most people don’t see the point in signing up if they are not going to make a purchase at that moment. When browsing a website for the first time, your initial thoughts aren’t going to be revolving around why you should sign up for emails or newsletters – getting a feel for the site is what’s important.

With a separate and standalone landing page, you can toss up a page or popup that offers new customers not only the opportunity to sign up for emails, but a chance to receive a discount code or free item with their signup. This incentive is a great way to give something back, while still getting the information you need to bring customers back to your page.

Gathering Data

Remember that everything you create for your website is not only for your customers – it is for you as well. Knowing what’s being clicked, where your customers are having troubles and where they are getting stuck or changing their minds can be helpful to your company’s success. With a standalone landing page, you can begin gathering data on the behaviors of your customers and see which kinds are staying interactive with your company. You can also gather data on what is successful and what isn’t. For example, if you offer individuals who sign up for email newsletters a 10% coupon versus a $10 off a $40 purchase coupon; you can see which option was more successful to getting the conversion complete.

While you may not think a landing page is necessary, it can work wonders for your company’s growth. With the right help, you can create a landing page that is helpful and reliable for you and your customers.

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