Ecommerce Pitfalls to Avoid

If you have an eCommerce site, you probably already know there’s a lot of competition out there! That’s why it’s important to stay on top of your game at all times. That’s never been more true than it is now. The holiday shopping season will be here before you know it, and if you want to cash in, you’ve got to be prepared. All that competition means shoppers won’t stick around if they run into a problem on your site because they don’t have to. They can just go to another site and find what they want. To avoid this, lets take a look at some pitfalls to be aware of!.

The first is poor inventory control. It’s 2016. If your site isn’t doing real-time inventory control, you have a problem. Your software should know how many of each product you have in stock, and deduct from that count whenever one is purchased. This way you always know exactly how many are available and will avoid selling more than you actually have on hand. Nothing infuriates a shopper more than going to a site, finding what they want, placing the order-and then getting an email hours or days later saying their item is back ordered, or worse, that their order is being cancelled due to lack of stock. There’s just no excuse for letting that happen.

Another pitfall is a poor shopping cart. The shopping cart software you use should allow shoppers to keep items in their cart for as long as they want. Why? Because many shoppers fill their carts, then come back later to order. The reasons are varied but if they come back to their cart a few hours or days later and find it empty, you’ve probably lost a sale. If your shopping cart software isn’t ideal.

The final pitfall is poor deals. While you should offer discount codes and special deals when you can, you have to make sure they are worth it to the consumer. Most are not going to be impressed with a 5% off coupon for example, and don’t follow the example set by a well known crafts store. They frequently offer a 40%-50% off regular priced merchandise coupon, then put almost everything in the store on discount so it really can’t be used on much. Just don’t do it! Offer your customers value and they will reward you!

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