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How much does it cost to buy a domain name?

This is obvious that for starting a website you will need to buy a domain name that suits your business or website purpose.  And if you want to know the average you need to pay for buying a domain for your business or project, then keep reading & get the best domain value you need to pay.  Logically the cost of a domain depends on lot of factors, like how old it is, what it is used for, it Extension, data off domain etc. You founded that many old domains were sold for millions of dollars. Especially single word domains sell for high cost because it is easy to Remember like gym.com, happy.com, etc.  If you are going to buy and old domain then be ready to spend little cost from your pocket because it is going to be costly then a new one.

Everything which you need to know about Domains

 If you are going to pay on something that you must have full knowledge of it.  So let us start with basic what is the real meaning of a domain.  In simple, a domain name is an address for a web page over the internet which is a search on Google or any other search engine.  Domain starts with HTTP or www and ends with an extension .org or .in etc.  But in reality, the address of a website is its IP address but for making it memorable we use the domain name.  Then a doubt may become in your mind that it is necessary to buy a domain for running a website.  Show the answer to this question is yes it is,  if you want to bring customers and traffic on your website then you need a domain to make it simple and easy to learn your website address.

Book Your Domain before its getting late

Nowadays investing in the domain name is becoming another most running business over the internet.  Because if you found a domain name for your business today and leave it without registering it, then tomorrow there can be a chance you lost it.  So if you found a domain name for your business on your website register it as soon as possible if you don’t want to lose it.

Factors that affect Domain Costs

 The average cost for a new domain is around 10 to 12 dollars for a year.  But there can be several factors which affect the cost of your domain-like: –

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  1. Your domain registrar :- you found many domains registers over the internet like Godaddy, Hostgator, hostinger or Bluehost, etc.  Each of them has different charges and prices for the exact same domain.   You need to check out all domain registrar costs and charges. So that you get your domain at the best price.  Selecting the best domain registrar after considering every factor can save your money. Because if you’re buying your domain from register who can offer you free website builder to save your WordPress cost.
  2. Top-level domain (TLD) :- if your domain is of the top-level domain then you need to pay higher for it.  It refers to the extension of your domain and the most popular domain Extension and TLD is .com but you can easily found .net and .in also.
  3. Renewable cost :- as you need to renew your domain name every year. So if you buy your domain from a register which offer you cheap domain renewal cost, which is another best for you.  Because most of the domain Registrar can offer low cost for the buying of domain but it charge high renewal cost from the domain buyer.  So be smart and select your domain Registrar carefully.
  4. Domain name privacy :- the details name email and phone number which you fill at the time of buying a domain is sent to the ICANN database.  Which is used for tracking that any domain buyer don’t break any rules or online guidelines.  For keeping your details private many domain Registrar offer domain privacy service for additional cost.  So if you don’t want to buy any domain name privacy service you need to uncheck it at the time of buying the domain. The cost of domain name privacy is around $10, which is pretty useless for most of domain buyer.
  5. Domain Popularity :- the keyword on which your domain is based can be of huge google searches. And if this is the case then you need to pay higher for it. Like if you want a domain of gymathome.com the you need to pay high in comparison to other domain name.

Start With new Domain name for better service and price

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If you are going to just start your business of website, then we recommended you to go with new domain name instead of old domains.  Because it can save your money and help you to build your business reputation as per you want. And for buying your domain you just need to select your domain registrar and search that your desired domain is available or not. If it is available then just checkout with the details and registrar your domain as soon as possible. If you want to buy an old domain then you can contact the owner of the domain by getting their contact details through whois and make offer with them. Even you can use broker who provide protection and safety at the time of payment for both of seller and buyer.

Their can be many chance that you get a domain with best price but at the time of checkout you need to pay higher to buy it. Actually it is the hidden fees you need to pay at the time of checkout. Some hidden fees which you need to pay are long term contact fees, renewal cost or domain transferring fees. Even some domain registrar can show huge discount but at the end for buying your domain you need to pay high administration fees. So be careful and read their terms of service before finalizing your domain registrar.

Select your Domain Registrar Carefully For getting Best Service

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Finding a perfect domain registrar can be consider as the most important task you need to do carefully at the time of buying a domain. Because if you select perfect domain registrar you not need to pay any hidden fees, with the best simplest interface & you will get your domain at best price. Buying domain is become the game of few minutes if you are with right domain registrar. But if you select cheap & wrong domain registrar then your domain buying experience is going to ruin. As you need to login in your domain registrar for many purpose and for many reason. So for never experience headache with your future growth go with best and trusty domain registrar. There can be 5-6 best domain registrar with you can go. Which offer best price of your domain, with proper support & easily simple interface. The domain registrar which we recommended to you are Godaddy, hostgator, hostinger, bluehost & big rock. Now it is up to you which one you choose.

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